Tuesday, May 16, 2017


1988 - Me when I had life figured out.
ALLERGIES - I'm allergic to cats.  Which sucks because I really like cats.  For my 7th birthday my parents bought me black and white cat.  I named her Sylvester after my favorite Looney Toon character.  That's when we found out I was allergic to cats, and one day Sylvester "ran away".  (I promise this whole list won't be depressing!)

BABY DEEDEE - Baby Deedee was the name of my favorite baby doll when I was growing up.  She had a soft yellow body with a hard plastic head.  I also had about a million other stuffed animals that I loved deeply.

1989 - Couldn't find a picture of Baby Deedee, but here I am (on the left) super happy to have my stuffed animals with me. (That's my sister on the right with the Care Bear.)

CLUELESS - Clueless is my favorite movie.  

DANCE - I have always loved dancing.  I signed up for my first ballet class when I was 24, but I do my best dancing alone in my bedroom with the music blaring.

ELMO - To make extra cash (because living in LA is expensive) I would work birthday parties by dressing up like different characters.  Elmo was my favorite costume to perform in. 

FIREWORKS - Fireworks used to scare me as a kid.  They were too loud and hurt my ears.  So I hated the 4th of July and New Years Eve because I would spend it inside my bedroom while everyone was outside setting off fireworks.  *I like fireworks now.

GERMAN - I studied German throughout high school and college.  I'm not sure if I'm naturally drawn to it because I'm part German, but I love the language.  I haven't practiced at all since graduating, but I plan on taking more German classes in the future.

HANDS - My hands are my favorite body part.  

ICE SKATING - Ice skating was my first real love.  There's no feeling like gliding on the ice.  I skated from age 10 to 13.

JOB - I wanted to have a job my whole life.  As a kid, I was mad that I wasn't allowed to work.  So I found other ways to make money - lemonade stands, flower stands, I even had an art show in my living room so my parents could buy my art work. 

KEY CHAIN CHAIN - As a kid, I collected key chains.  I chained them all together and made what I called a "key chain chain."  Eight year old me thought this was very clever.

LOS ANGELES - I always wanted to live in California, and now I do!  I've lived in Los Angeles for 5 1/2 years, and I still love it.  LA is my home now.

2011 - Truck stop just outside of LA.  Took this picture during my big move from Texas to California.

MARKETING -  I have a degree in Business Marketing from St. Edward's University.  Shortly after graduating I realized that I did not want to work in marketing.

NEW ORLEANS -  I was born in New Orleans and lived in Louisiana until I was 8. 

OUTTA ORDER - This was the name of my first band.  It was an all girl punk band, and I was the drummer.

PRODUCT DOLL - Product Doll was the name of my first blog.  I wrote on it for two and half years, and decided to stop.  But a few months ago, I got the itch to start blogging again, and Bobbi Hearts was born!

QUARTER - I always pick tails on a coin toss. 

READING - I'm a book nerd, and I love it!  I just wish I could read faster.

SWITZERLAND - Senior year of high school I went to a boarding school in Switzerland.

2006 - Snowboarding in Switzerland with my classmates.  I'm in the white jacket on the left.

TEXAS - My family moved to Houston, TX when I was 10.  We were only supposed to live there for 9 months, but 9 months turned into 13 years.  I consider Houston to be my hometown. 

UNIFORM - In 3rd grade, I went to school in Papua New Guinea and our school uniform was a pink checkered dress with a red full brimmed drawstring hat.  The first time I tried it on, I saw my silhouette and I felt like a mature adult.  I loved it!  But then I pretended to hate my uniform because I didn't want anyone to know that I loved it.  

VALENTINE'S DAY - I'm a hopeless romantic, so Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I love telling my friends and family how much I love them.  I also really like stuffed animals, flowers and chocolate. 

WINTER - Winter is my favorite season because of the holidays and my birthday.

 1990? - Me and my big sister on Christmas.

X - As in the math variable.  I'm one of those odd people who loves math.  Math was always my favorite subject in school. 

YUMMY - I have a sweet tooth and I love yummy foods.  Apple pie with vanilla ice cream is my favorite dessert.

ZOO - I love going to the zoo.  I've been to at least eight different zoos including the zoos in San Diego, Singapore and Malaysia.

2015 - At the LA Zoo.  Gotta take a picture on the elephant.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me!  I stole this blog post idea from Steph from Social Spying.  You should definitely check out her blog as well!


  1. This is such a lovely post!! I really enjoyed reading this :)
    And winter's my favourite season too! I just love curling up in bed with blankets and coffee and a book ;)

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

    1. Same here! Nothing better than a snuggly blanket and a warm drink! :)


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