Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I was the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding this past weekend.  And one of the maid of honor's biggest duties is planning the bachelorette party.  Planning the party weekend was a bigger challenge than I had expected.  Here is everything we did, and a few helpful tips that I learned along the way.


 The bride decided on a weekend trip to Santa Barbara, CA to go wine tasting.


We found a cute Airbnb that would sleep all 6 girls and was in everyone's budget.


The other girls had to fly into California because they were coming from Texas.  I rented a soccer mom minivan from Skurt (Skurt is awesome because they deliver the car to your doorstep).  I drove everyone from LA to Santa Barbara and back.


Wine Tour: The main activity was wine tasting, so I booked a tour guide to drive us around to 4 different wineries.  Our tour guide was Dee Tours, and she was AMAZING!

Soul Cycle: The girls love cycling and wanted to take a class right when they go off the plane.  So I scheduled a session for them (leaving ample time between flight arrivals and the class).

Puppies: The bride ruled out any male strippers or cliche bachelorette party gimmicks.  So instead I hired a company who will bring puppies to your party.  I still wanted to have a little fun with my friend, so we blindfolded her and gave her singles to make her think it was a stripper.  She was shocked/relieved when a puppy landed in her lap instead of a...man.


For food we went to the grocery store on the first night and bought groceries for the weekend.  We made dinner at home on Friday night and breakfast at home on Saturday and Sunday.  This helped save everyone a lot of money and was a fun activity for everyone to get involved in.

On Saturday night, we went out to dinner to a lovely restaurant called Toma in Santa Barbara.  It was the perfect way to celebrate the end of a great weekend.


I wanted to make the party unique to my friend.  Since she loves Game of Thrones, I went with a Khaleesi/Game of Thrones theme for the gift bags.
I also ordered these cute mug shot signs for "morning after" pictures.  I made a collage of all the prints and sent a copy to my friend.  The print will be waiting for her in her mailbox when she returns from her honeymoon.


Plan Ahead: There are a lot of moving parts when planning a bachelorette party, so it is best not to wait until the last minute.  Buy things early and make reservations.

Communication: Make sure everyone in your party knows the plan.  Also, figure out what is the best way to communicate with everyone - e-mail, text, facebook.  What worked best for me was to email everyone then send a text to tell them to check their emails (some people don't check their emails regularly).

Budget: Find up front what everyone's budget is for the trip.  It might be an awkward conversation, but it will save you an awkward conversation later when you have to ask someone for money and they can't pay.
 Also - plan your own budget early.  As maid of honor, I took on some extra expenses, so this trip was not cheap for me.  But I started budgeting/saving for the party and wedding back in October (so 7 months).  I also spread out when I would buy things - plane tickets, party favors, hotel rooms, etc.  This way everything didn't hit my bank account at the same time.

Surprises: I think what made the weekend pop were all of the surprises I had planned for Morgan.  She didn't know about the puppies, gift bags, stretch jeep for the wine tour or the mug shot photos.  I think all of these things really set the tone for a fun weekend.


  1. I love this!
    I think it's so great to see that there are other options for bachelorette pastries, without strippers, alcohol and Vegas.

    I could just see the planning that must have gone into this. I'm sure the bride really appreciated all your effort.

    Also, puppies?!?! GENIUS!


    1. Yeah, I'm so glad the bride didn't want to do a Vegas bachelorette party. Santa Barbara was more of my speed. :)

  2. Ok the puppy idea is sheer genius! Love it so much :)

    1. Thanks Natalie! The puppies were super fun. Even the groom and his groomsmen were jealous of the puppy party when they heard about it.

  3. Oh wow! You look like you all had a blast. You did a fabulous job - I bet the bride was overwhelmed. <3

    1. Thanks! Yeah, she was really surprised the whole weekend, which made it really fun. :)

  4. wow can you plan my bachelorette party? =o) I love how you included little surprises =o)


    1. haha! i can come up with some ideas! are you getting married soon????


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