Thursday, January 4, 2018



The beginning of January is such a great time to reflect on the past year, and set up new goals for the new year.  My biggest accomplishment of 2017 was that I finally landed a job in the Entertainment industry!  If you missed my previous post, I talked about how hard I'd been working at getting a new job.  But my persistence paid off, and after sending out 80 resumes, networking from every angle, and taking seven different interviews, I was finally offered an Executive Assistant position at an awesome studio that I'm so excited about!  I will share more on my new job later, but for now here are...   

Most Proud Accomplishments of 2017

1. Writing five scripts

2. Placing as a Quarter Finalist in the NBC Writers on the Verge program

3. Finishing all four levels of improv classes at UCB

4. Joining an improv group and performing at shows

5. Taking an acting class

6. Learning ten new recipes

7. Starting a blog!  Hey-oh!

8. Landing a new job. 

Goals for 2018

1. Read 18 books

2. Learn ten new recipes & cook more

3. Got to the gym twice a week - work on weight training

4. Improve my blog - pictures, posts, template

5. Start a YouTube channel for my blog - Hold me to this one, you guys!

6. Write three new scripts

7. Pay off my credit cards!

8. Visit the Griffith Observatory - Because I've lived in LA for over six years and still haven't been.

What are your goals for 2018?  Share with me in the comments below!


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  1. Happy new year, Bobbi!
    You achieved so much in 2017! DAYYUUUM GIRL!
    I'm probably the most glad that you started a blog-or the internet wouldn't have connected us!

    I'm so happy that you finally got a job that you love! I hope you'll tell us all about it!

    I'll hold you to starting a Youtube channel for your blog! I've had a lot of fun playing around with video-making! You should definitely give it a try!

    In 2018, I'd like to get offline more (and by this, I mean not endlessly scroll through Facebook/Instagram)!

    Social Spying

  2. Happy New Year! You've accomplished so much in the last year. I would be too nervous to join an acting class but it sounds like fun. Looking forward to seeing what videos you make on Youtube!


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